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J. D. Davis Jersey

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The New York Mets acquired J.D. Davis and minor leaguer infielder Cody Bohanek from the Houston Astros this past offseason in exchange for minor league outfielder Ross Adolph, infielder Luis Santana, and catcher Scott Manea. Many believed the Mets gave up too much for Davis at the time of the trade since he was still unproven and hadn’t hit at the major league level. Boy, things have changed.

Now in early Septemeber, Davis is a huge reason the Mets are still in a playoff hunt. There is no denying he has worked out for the best this year for the Mets. What about everyone else in this deal?
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The guy that probably gets talked about the least in the trade is Cody Bohanek. Bohanek was the other player the Mets acquired from the Astros and gets shadowed because Davis was the headline. Bohanek is a 24-year-old infielder who reached AAA ball with the Astros last year. This year he has split time between A+ and AA ball in the Mets system.

This year Bohanek has played in 107 games in the minors, accumulating 328 at-bats and has hit .226, with a .340 OBP, and a .329 slugging percentage. He has 5 home runs, 24 RBI, and 12 stolen bases while being caught 11 times. He also has 115 strikeouts, which is an average of at least one a game.

Bohanek is clearly not a great hitter with a .226 average, but he does get on base at a decent clip at .340, over a hundred points higher than his batting average which is good. If he can bring his average up just a bit and keep his OBP around the 100 points higher than his average like he has, that would be great.

He does seem to have a little bit of speed since he has stolen 12 bases despite getting caught 11 times. If he can work on his baserunning he could be a sneaky stolen base guy. He is 24 so he does have time to grow and get better.

One of the guys that we sent to Houston is 22-year-old outfielder Ross Adolph. Adolph played A- ball last year with the Mets and has split time this between A ball and A+ ball in the Astros system this season.
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Adolph has played in 114 games this year between A and A+ ball. He has had 382 at-bats and has hit a combined .228, with a .357 OBP, and a .366 slugging percentage. He has 7 home runs, 40 RBI, along with 6 triples and 11 stolen bases in 20 attempts. Adolph has also struck out 142 times which is more than once a game.

Adolph has very limited time in the minors and is still very young so it is hard to see what he can truly be. He did have very good statistics in college and A ball last year with the Mets. He shows signs of decent power and speed with pretty good XBH hit numbers and stolen bases. At still such a young age, Adolph has a lot of time to develop.

Another one of the players sent to Houston in the trade is 20-year-old infielder Luis Santana. Santana spent last season in Rookie ball with the Mets. This year he has split time between Single-A and Double-A in the Astros system.

Santana has played in 70 games this year and has accumulated 222 at-bats this season between the two leagues and has slashed .257, 337, .329. He has collected 2 long balls and 17 RBI with 4 stolen bases in 6 attempts. Santana has only struck out 33 times which is good for about one every other game.

In somewhat limited time in the minors at such a young age Santana has shown some good signs. He has good bat-to-ball skills with limited strikeouts, which is great at a young age and a decent batting average. At such a young age it is hard to see what Santana will be like in a few years, but he does have good aspects of his game at a very young age which is a good sign.

The last player sent to the Astros in the trade is 23-year-old catcher Scott Manea. He spent last season in A ball for the Mets. This season he has played in A+ ball for the Astros.

This season in the Astros organization Manea has appeared in 102 games with 328 at-bats and has hit .235, .347, .387. He has also smacked 12 home runs, 49 RBI, and 12 doubles. He has struck out 83 times which is just under 1 a game for the season.

Manea is hitting right where his career average for AVG, OBP, and SLG has been in the minors so he stayed consistent in his few years playing. He has developed more power over the last 2 years with 12 home runs in each season and never hitting more than 1 in his previous seasons. Manea could develop into a decent hitting catcher, his average is a little low, but he gets on base and has a little bit of pop which is good for a guy behind the plate.

Jed Lowrie Jersey

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It was believed that INF Jed Lowrie was going to make his long-awaited Mets debut at some point this week. But then came the report that he wouldn’t be joining the team in Washington for the upcoming series with the Nationals.

Now we know why.

Manager Mickey Callaway confirmed SNY’s Andy Martino’s report that Lowrie has a slight hamstring strain that is prohibiting his return. Now he must fly back down to Florida for more rehab in the coming weeks.

“So we had him checked out in New York and we have a low Grade 1 hamstring strain,” Callaway said on Wednesday night prior to the series opener. “We’ll send him back to Florida and reassess him in a couple weeks.”

Callaway added that Lowrie told them after his rehab games this weekend on Friday and Saturday that he was feeling the injury.

This is an entirely separate injury than what Lowrie was working his way back from. He suffered a left knee capsule sprain during Spring Training, but he had made it to rehab games beginning late last month. He made it to Triple-A Syracuse on May 4 where he went 4-for-24 with a solo homer, two walks and nine strikeouts.

If there is any consolation for Lowrie missing more time, it wasn’t a setback to his original injury. Also, a Grade 1 strain shouldn’t take too long to work back to full strength.

But that’s all said with fingers crossed that the super utility man can make his way back to the Mets soon.

Michael Conforto Jersey

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The New York Mets star right fielder Michael Conforto is not a flashy guy in the least bit. He is having another productive season on the diamond. His reputation as a humble guy who does whatever it takes to win has continued throughout 2019 through the highs and lows of the season.

Despite all this, some fans do not appreciate the results. He is on pace to set some notable career highs while competing alongside some of the best sluggers in baseball.

Conforto’s biggest moment of the year came last Friday night. Sure to be a Mets classic game, Scooter knocked the game-winning hit in an amazing comeback versus the Washington Nationals. Citi Field blew its nonexistence roof off. The scene on the field included the usual mob with Conforto getting his shirt ripped off by Pete Alonso.

The early part of Conforto’s career has been interesting. The young man from Seattle struggled at the plate in 2016 and revisited the minor leagues to get back his stroke. With his earlier issues seemingly over, he is producing at the levels many believed he could.

Not too many players can say they have been in the World Series in their first season. However, Conforto was one of the fortunate ones who can. He was a big part of the Mets’ success in 2015 both in the regular season and playoffs.

His reputation as a streaky hitter is made up for when he comes up with timely hits like he did last week. As he goes, so does the team. The Mets are counting on his bat as much as anyone else.

Conforto may never get the respect he has earned and deserves from everyone. Injuries have limited him in some of his best seasons. In other years, the team’s failure made his production look less valuable.

This year is the one where it could look different. With the team still vying for a playoff spot, every connection he makes with the ball matters.

Terry Leach Jersey

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Terry Leach serves as vice president of risk and chief risk officer. Leach joined AMP in 2006 as the manager of AMPO, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of AMP providing natural gas and electric aggregation services to municipalities. He has held various positions during his tenure, most recently as director of risk operations until May 20, 2019, when he assumed his current position. He is responsible for chairing the Risk Management Committee and providing overall management of the Middle Office – the independent oversight, compliance, control and monitoring office for the organization. His other responsibilities include management of AMP’s Corporate Energy Risk Control Policy, overseeing the Enterprise Risk Management Program, the strategic planning process, and ensuring compliance with enterprise wide internal controls.

Prior to AMP, Leach served as Green Mountain Energy Company’s Midwest and Eastern regions operation manager, and also served as assistant Ohio Secretary of State from 1996 to 1999. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Franklin University and is a veteran of the United States Air Force.

Ron Darling Jersey

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New York Mets broadcaster Ron Darling arrived at Citi Field for the team’s first home game this season in a daze. Five months earlier, back in November, the 58-year-old had first noticed something wrong when he couldn’t complete his normal workout routine—and then when he couldn’t remember getting home afterwards. Doctors would later diagnose him with an embolic stroke, and further tests revealed a mass near the top of his chest.

When he returned from spring training, follow-up scans showed that the mass had grown, which is why docs spoke with Darling hours before New York’s home opener to tell him he’d need surgery. The ultimate diagnosis was thyroid cancer.

On Opening Day, Darling initially only told SNY colleagues that he’d be slightly late to the ballpark. He was still processing the news as he headed to work. But after calling a 4-0 loss to the Nationals, he opened up to his longtime boothmates Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez. “I said, ‘Hey guys, I’ve got to tell you something,’” Darling recalled. “That was the first time I ever got emotional. It was very, very strange. I could barely spit it out.”

A little over a week later, during the fourth inning of an 11-7 loss in Atlanta, Darling passed the news on to viewers. “I’ll kick its you know what,” he said.

Just a couple years earlier, Darling’s father had been diagnosed with colon cancer. At first it was considered inoperable, but experimental therapy allowed surgeons to remove the growth. Now 80, the elder Darling was just returning to full health when his son received his diagnosis. “It was kind of surreal,” Darling said.

“When you’re a former athlete, you think part of you is immortal,” he said. “You suddenly realize you are very mortal. My first thoughts weren’t about cancer. My first thoughts were, I’ve got a young son, I’ve got a wife, brothers, a mom and a dad. My thought was, How do I get better?”

What was supposed to be a two-hour operation ended up taking six as surgeons removed a softball-sized tumor, and Darling was left without his voice afterwards. Pain made the next few weeks difficult—”I wouldn’t say that was my favorite time,” Darling said, playing down the hardship as he is wont to do.

“Ronny is a very old school tough guy,” SNY senior coordinating producer Gregg Picker said. “I don’t think any of us on the team, as close as we are to him, know the half of what he had to go through.”

Over the course of his six-week absence, Darling and SNY reportedly received 5,000 get well messages. “The sad part about cancer is that almost everyone is affected by it,” Darling said, “so everyone who would contact me would say, My sister had thyroid cancer or He had this or that, and now he’s been in great health for the last 15 years.”

During his time away, Darling was able to spend more time with his family than he was ever could in past seasons. “Eating with my family every night, that was a really nice part of it,” he said. “Now that I’m back to a full schedule, occasionally I think about how they are home barbecuing and I wish I was there.”

However, when Darling returned to his post in June, he said, “You don’t realize until you’re away how much this is in your blood.” He was concerned about the tenor of his voice and his stamina early on, but Picker rarely saw an issue, especially after the first few minutes of any given broadcast.

“I remember being ecstatic that he was back in the booth,” Picker said. “We could do our thing and we could be whole again. You feel rather incomplete and you just don’t feel whole when you are missing someone like him.”

Darling now has the green light to work a full schedule as the Mets contend for a wild card. During the postseason, he’ll once again call games nationally for TBS. Only after all of that will he return for another set of tests, when doctors will determine what, if any, steps to take next.

“I’m not anxious about it,” Darling said. “I’m so busy doing my thing. To tell you the truth when you go through this, you spend so much time with doctors in hospitals, I’m really treasuring that I don’t have to see them.”

Mike Bordick Jersey

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If the Baltimore Orioles are taking calls about their vacant manager’s job, former Orioles shortstop and current MASN analyst Mike Bordick will pick up the phone and start dialing.

A member of the Orioles Hall of Fame, Bordick wants to be considered for the opening so he can be a part of the rebuilding process.

“Who wouldn’t want to jump at an opportunity to manage the Orioles?” Bordick said on Glenn Clark Radio Oct. 4. “I’ve been around the organization. I’ve known it for a while. When you’re in the game, you want to contribute. From my standpoint, I’ve been able to be a part of the organization in a lot of different ways. Certainly I care about the team, I care about ownership, I care about the community. … I’m definitely going to put my name in there.”

After his playing career concluded, Bordick served two seasons as the coordinator of offensive fundamentals for the Orioles’ minor league system. When he’s not broadcasting, he continues to contribute as a special assignment instructor within the organization.

After an MLB-worst 47-115 season, the Orioles fired manager Buck Showalter and executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette Oct. 3. It was a disastrous season that featured a major selling spree at the trade deadline that sent away star shortstop Manny Machado, among others.

Showalter served as manager since July 2010, while Duquette was hired in November 2011.

Bordick watched the Orioles enjoy incredible moments under Showalter and Duquette, a combination that ended Baltimore’s 14-year streak of losing baseball in 2012. Baltimore went to the postseason three times under the duo, including the season after Duquette was hired.

The Orioles made it to the American League Division Series in 2012, the team’s first postseason appearance since 1997. They made it to the American League Championship Series in 2014 and lost in the wild-card game in 2016.

Bordick has now seen the team plummet back down, as it devotes the future to wiping the slate clean.

“It’s going to be a great time to watch this thing rebuild,” Bordick said. “I mean, how many organizations can say, ‘OK, we’re doing it.’ They’re going to make a commitment to this and it would be fun to be a part of something like that.”

During his playing career with four different teams, Bordick learned the importance of communication from all levels of an organization. The most successful ones, he said, had cohesiveness from top to bottom.

Bordick’s name has already begun to surface in conversations about potential candidates for the job. MLB insider Jon Heyman wrote Bordick and Bill Ripken, a former Orioles infielder and current MLB Network analyst, are early contenders to be the next Orioles manager.

It doesn’t hurt Bordick that he already has an established relationship with Orioles vice president of baseball operations Brady Anderson. The two played together for Baltimore from 1997-2001.

While they don’t communicate regularly, there is an existing connection between the two former players that could foster a better opportunity at getting the job.

“We’re friends, but I don’t call him all the time,” Bordick said. “I just think whoever is in place … the most important thing is communication within the organization. In knowing somebody, I think that obviously helps.”

Jeff McKnight Jersey

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BEE BRANCH, Ark. — Jeff McKnight, a versatile player who spent six seasons with the New York Mets and Baltimore Orioles, has died. He was 52.

McKnight’s family told the Mets that McKnight died Sunday after battling leukemia for 10 years. His father, Jim, who played for the Chicago Cubs briefly in the early 1960s, was born in Bee Branch, Arkansas.

Jeff McKnight made his big league debut with the Mets in 1989 and hit .233 with five home runs and 34 RBIs in 218 games. He singled in his final at-bat for the Mets in August 1994, on the final day before a players’ strike wiped out the rest of the season.

McKnight hit his first big league home run off Jack Morris, with an eighth-inning shot that helped rally the Orioles over Detroit at Memorial Stadium.

McKnight was mostly an infielder and played every position in the majors except center fielder and pitcher.

Al Weis Jersey

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The World Series is at its best when an unsung hero steps from the shadows to lead his team to victory.

Look no further than second baseman Al Weis of the 1969 Miracle Mets to find one of the most improbable World Series heroes of all time.

Weis hit two home runs all season, had seven regular-season home runs for his 10-year career, but blasted the game-tying home run in Game 5 at Shea Stadium and batted .455 with a 1.290 OPS against the Orioles to solidify his spot in baseball lore as the Mets won their first World Series, four games to one.

That was his only home run ever hit at Shea Stadium.

The Mets will celebrate the 50th anniversary of that Amazin’ team next season, and for Weis, 80, the journey has come full circle.

“I hit two home runs that year against the Cubs at Wrigley Field which were pretty important home runs, too,’’ Weis told The Post. “But I did hit my home runs off some pretty good pitchers. I hit one off Steve Carlton. I hit one off Dave McNally. But that day was kind of special for me because it was my son’s birthday He was 6 years old that day we won the World Series. That sticks in my mind vividly.’’

Daniel Weis is now 55.

There have been so many blessings in Weis’ life, but there have been challenges, too. His wife Barbara recently suffered a stroke. Daniel just took early retirement, will sell his condo so he can move in with his father to help care for his mother. Al and Barbara have been married 56 years.

“She needs a lot of care,’’ said Al, who came up to the majors with the White Sox in 1962 and still lives in Chicago. “Daniel is such a big help. He’s an excellent cook, does all the cooking at night and I do all the dishes. We work out pretty good as a team. It takes a big effort. Barbara can’t walk, she can’t take care of herself. We also have a caretaker come in. With stroke victims, they say it could last a year or three years before you get recovery, so we are hoping for the best.’’

That Oct. 16 the home run came off McNally to lead off the bottom of the seventh to tie the game at 3-3. Ron Swoboda doubled home the go-ahead run in the eighth, then scored on an error, and Jerry Koosman finished off the complete-game 5-3 victory as Shea Stadium exploded in joy.

“I wasn’t supposed to hit home runs, and I was very fortunate to play in the World Series,’’ Weis said. “Our manager, Gil Hodges, used a platoon system. I played against left-handed pitchers and Ken Boswell played against right-handed pitchers. Baltimore had two left-handed pitchers, Mike Cuellar and McNally, so I got to start four games of the World Series. It could have been the other way around.

“I’m a lifetime .215-.220 hitter, so I give Gil a lot of credit letting me hit in that situation, down one in the seventh. That gives you confidence. McNally threw me a high fastball and I hit it and it went into a section they just built for the World Series for veterans and a veteran got the ball and he turned it in to Joe Pignatano, our bullpen coach, and he gave him an autographed baseball. I still have that baseball.

“I got lucky,’’ Weis said of his World Series magic. “If you have a bat in your hand and you swing it, you’re liable to hit the ball.

“I was born and raised in New York, and my mom and dad were at the game, my sisters were at the game, it was a good feeling to do something like that in front of your family.

“It’s funny, I played five years with the White Sox and when I got the call after the 1967 season that I was traded to the Mets, that was a down day, getting traded from a pennant-contending club, the White Sox, to a last-place club, the Mets.

“You never know, ’68 was my first year there and we won it all the next year so it turned out to be a good trade after all.’’

Miracles happen in baseball and life.

Ray Knight Jersey

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The 2018 season was a disappointing one for the Washington Nationals that will inevitably lead to ​changes for the team this offseason. And now, in an unexpected turn of events, there will be some changes among the Nationals broadcasting team.

Former ​MLB player and manager Ray Knight has been an analyst for the Nationals on the MASN network since 2007, but it has been announced that Knight will not return as an analyst for 2019.

This decision was influenced by a verbal altercation that Knight allegedly had with a member of MASNs production team which led to Knight being pulled off the air this past September.

Knight was allegedly let go after he “berated a MASN employee with an expletive-laden tirade.” Woof.

Not everybody was thrilled with MASNs decision to not bring back Knight.

The only member of the “MASN team” who would issue out criticism to players and coaches when warranted. That’s too bad, I really liked his baseball takes and opinions.
— Mike Winslow (@AgentWinslow) November 5, 2018

Knight is most remembered for being the MVP of the 1986 World Series for the New York Mets. In his post-playing career, he’s been in the broadcast booth and is known to not hold back his feelings when the time calls for it.

Perhaps he’ll land elsewhere, but this is not a good look for Knight.

Jose Bautista Jersey

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In retrospect, the punch had more to do with what we hoped would happen.

When Rougned Odor’s right fist landed on Jose Bautista’s face near second base on May 15, 2016, it blew up across North America.

That’s thanks to then Star-Telegram photographer Richard Rodriguez, who nailed the moment with a dramatic image that showed Bautista’s helmet flying off in one direction and his sunglasses in another.

Toronto Blue Jays fans were outraged. Texas Rangers fans (at least most) were thrilled.

Odor, who was 22 at the time, was the young, fiery, up-and-coming slugger Rangers fans were salivating over with the thought of him anchoring the right side of the Texas’ infield.

Here’s a refresher on the incident: The Rangers scored four runs in the 7th to take a 7-6 lead during a Sunday afterno

Odor was suspended seven games after an appeal.

Three years later, however, Bautista is out of the game and Odor’s career is teetering precariously. 2016 remains Odor’s best season. He finished batting .271 with 33 homers, 33 doubles and 88 RBIs — all career highs.

But in fact, Odor has struggled at the plate since the punch.

Before his moment with Bautista, Odor hit .264 with 32 homers and 130 RBIs in 272 games.

Since the punch, Odor is hitting .111 with 102 homers and 291 RBIs in 544 games. His homers and RBIs are just a tick better per game since the punch, but his on-base percentage and batting average are markedly worse.

In ‘16, in fact, Odor was hitting .286 with a .313 on-base percentage and seven home runs in 38 games. After the punch, he hit .266 with a .290 OBP and 26 home runs.

Was this moment a turning point in Odor’s career, which was seemingly headed in the right direction? That may never be fully known.

But it remains one of the most memorable moments at Globe Life Park. And Odor is still booed heavily in Toronto.