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Paul Sewald Jersey

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NEW YORK — As Paul Sewald battled his way through the minor leagues, some others his age began their careers and had stable salaries. The Mets, it seemed, were calling up pitcher after pitcher in 2016, but none were Sewald. He felt frustrated and defeated because he had pitched well all season.

So, he made a decision.

“I’m done,” he told his now-wife, Molly, shortly after the season ended.

“What is your reasoning for that?” asked a concerned Molly, who now admits she seriously feared Paul would actually walk away from the game he always loved and leave a dream behind.

“I’m just not getting called up,” Paul responded, “but I love to play baseball.”

Molly keyed on that last part. She knew she could support them on her salary. She then asked Paul what he would do if he weren’t playing baseball. He didn’t know. Well, she told him, just keep playing baseball then.

She was confident he would eventually get called up. She could relate to how he saw his peers making money and starting to settle down. But giving up a dream because of it? She hoped he wouldn’t.

For much of that offseason, Paul wavered on whether to return.

Years later, standing in the Citi Field concourse, Molly recalls that time. She’s wearing a custom-made jacket with “Sewald” and his No. 51 on the back, and his signature sewn onto the left wrist cuff. The night before, her husband earned his first major-league win. He hasn’t thought about quitting since that offseason.

One offseason, Paul became the temporary Spanish 1 teacher at Bishop Gorman High School in Nevada, his alma mater, when the full-time teacher went on maternity leave. It was somewhat funny because, according to his mother Judi, he “didn’t speak all that much Spanish.” He would wake up at 5 a.m. to work out, then be at school by 7 a.m.

His other offseason gigs included training kids, giving pitching lessons and working part-time at Judi’s accounting firm. “My offseasons were busier than my seasons,” Paul said. He made more money during the offseason than the season.
When Paul Sewald wanted to quit baseball, his now-wife, Molly, talked him out of it.

When Paul Sewald wanted to quit baseball, his now-wife, Molly, talked him out of it. (Photo: Photo courtesy Molly Sewald)

According to The Athletic, the average salary for minor leaguers whose contracts are handled by MLB, ranged from around $6,000 in Single A to around $9,350 in Double A to almost $15,000 in Triple A in 2018. Players are only compensated for the months of the season.

The ridiculously low pay is the main issue Paul sees with what he calls “the system.” It’s not ideal considering players do not only work during the games. For example, Paul will arrive at Citi Field at about 1 p.m. for a 7:10 p.m. game. At home, he watches video and continues to train. Plus, he must maintain his craft for the entire year, even if he won’t be paid during the offseason.

“I shouldn’t have to quit baseball,” Paul said, “because I can’t afford to live out my dream.”

Then, he said, people often say to “get a real job.” Impossible, considering most employers don’t hire people who’ll be gone in three or four months. There isn’t a reliable way around minor league baseball’s low pay.

Jacob Rhame Jersey

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One day in the far away year of 2050, some kid is going to look at the 2019 Mets roster and give the name Jacob Rhame no more than two seconds of undivided attention before moving on to the more flashy names that filled the pitching staff. After all, Rhame only made his way into five games this season and had a thoroughly unimpressive six innings of work to go along with it, so why would anyone care about his season next week let alone thirty years from now?

Well, for those of us lucky enough to live through the roller coaster that was the 2019 Mets, Jacob Rhame will always be remembered as the man who poked the bear known as Rhys Hoskins and started the first of many questionable rivalries between the Mets and some of the most mediocre teams that the National League had to offer.

The story of Jacob Rhame’s season can be told using only the second and third of the five games he took the field for. On April 23, the Mets held a 9-0 lead over the Phillies and Rhame was given the honor of completing the ninth inning and putting the final stamp on the Mets’ victory. The first two batters came and went without issue, but the third batter, Rhys Hoskins, is where things got interesting.

The first pitch that Hoskins saw sailed behind him and slammed into the backstop resulting in Hoskins taking a few steps towards the mound and the rest of both dugouts awkwardly shuffling their way towards the field. Fortunately, that disagreement came and went, but six pitches later, Rhame sailed another pitch up and in on the perturbed Phillie. After the game, Rhame insisted that there were no ill intentions and he was only trying his best to work inside. Considering that Rhame looks more like a guy that spends his days headhunting for the best head of lettuce in his local Whole Foods rather than trying to hurl baseballs at guy’s noggins, some may be inclined to believe his excuse. When spoken with after the game, Gabe Kapler, Rhys Hoskins, and Bryce Harper were not fooled by Rhame’s innocent appearance and denials of wrongdoing.

One day later, Rhame was called upon to pitch the ninth inning again, this time with the Mets in a 4-0 hole and Rhys Hoskins due up second in the inning. After walking Bryce Harper to lead off the inning, it was time for Hoskins to get his revenge in the only way he knows how. Of course, Hoskins lined a ball just over the wall in left field to extend the Phillies lead to six, but the real revenge came in his 34-second promenade around the bases. For context, Bartolo Colon rounded the bases almost four full seconds faster than Hoskins did.

Already thoroughly embarrassed, things only got worse for Rhame the night of April 25. Just after the conclusion of the game, it was announced that the league had suspended Rhame two games for throwing up and in twice on Hoskins. After that day, Rhame found himself in a weird sort of limbo where he needed to be on the major league roster to serve his suspension, but the team had no reason to keep him around as dead weight for the two days he would sit. As a result, he wouldn’t suit up with the big league club for almost three full months. For the rest of the season, Rhame would only pitch twice more for the Mets, once on July 19 and again on August 3 before elbow surgery ended his season a little over a week later.

With everything put together, Jacob Rhame pitched 6.1 innings for the Mets to the tune of a 4.26 ERA with nine walks and five strikeouts to his name. By all accounts, Rhame’s season is no more historic or noteworthy than Tim Stauffer’s stint with the Mets in 2015, but for those two days in April, Rhame was the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons. The curious kid in 2050 may not have a use for Rhame, but today he’s one of the dozens of little stories that makes the six month, 162 game season as entertaining as it is.

Corey Oswalt Jersey

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Corey Oswalt was originally drafted in the 7th round of the 2012 MLB amateur draft out of Madison High School in San Diego California by the New York Mets. He made his Major League debut April 25th, 2018 against the St Louis Cardinals throwing 4.2 innings while allowing 2 earned runs, 2 hits while striking out 4 and walking none.

There is a chance and an argument that Oswalt has a future with the Mets. Although he has struggled in his limited time given in the majors with an ERA approaching 6.50, there is some hope he can turn that around. He has pitched in a small sample size of only 71 innings and is only in his age 25 season, so he does have time to find himself and turn it around.
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We could see Oswalt with the team sooner rather than later, too. Zack Wheeler will be a free agent this winter and it is hard to imagine they bring him back since they have a lot of money locked up to Jacob deGrom, Robinson Cano, and even Yoenis Cespedes for one more year. If they do bring back Wheeler it is unlikely they will have the money for Noah Syndergaard or Long Island native Steven Matz, not to mention any of the young position players. It is also hard to imagine they bring back Jason Vargas who has a team option for 2020 at $8 million, so that leaves two open spots in the rotation next year.
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Knowing all of these, we have to ask, is Oswalt a serious candidate for a rotation spot?

Oswalt has pitched pretty well during his career in the minors and he will not be a free agent until 2025. In 533.1 minor league innings, his ERA is a respectable 3.70. Oswalt obviously is not a 1 or 2 starter but he could slot right in the back end of a rotation.

The Mets do have some solid pitching prospects that are coming up and could pass Oswalt in the depth charts for the starting rotation in years to come, most notably Anthony Kay. Even though we could see Kay towards the end of the 2019 season, it is more likely we see him in 2020. This would still leave one spot in the rotation for Oswalt.

Assuming the Mets let Wheeler go this offseason when he becomes a free agent (or trade him beforehand) and decline the option on Vargas, they will still need another starter. As long as nobody is traded between now and Opening Day 2020, the Mets rotation will include deGrom, Syndergaard, and Matz. There is a good shot Kay could break the rotation, still leaving one spot open. If the Mets decide to spend money on the lineup or even extend some younger guys, that last spot could be filled for extremely cheap with Oswalt.

Even if the Mets decide to go a different route with their rotation next year or the next couple years, we could still see Oswalt in the rotation in the future since he is under control for so many years.

Oswalt could also be turned into a relief man. He has had a couple of relief appearances in both the majors and minors. We have seen the Mets turn starting pitchers into relief pitchers before, and successful ones at that. If the Mets do decide to add to their rotation without Oswalt, we could see him crack the bullpen in the next few years.

Since Oswalt is under team control for the next multiple years and at a relatively cheap rate, we could easily see him have a spot on the team for the next couple years. If he can translate his minor league success to the big leagues, he may find a permanent spot on the roster.

Stephen Nogosek Jersey

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ATLANTA — It’s a good thing Mets manager Mickey Callaway pitched Robert Gsellman in an eight-run game in the ninth on Tuesday instead of sending rookie Stephen Nogosek out for his debut. As it turns out, Nogosek found out about his call-up too late for his family to book flights to Atlanta.

On Tuesday, he was at the Atlanta airport because Triple-A Syracuse was coming off a series against Gwinnett and had one in Charlotte next. The organization told Nogosek to stay put because he would be on a later flight to Charlotte. He was told he would receive a call with the official word.

“That was a few hours of stress and anxiety and telling the wife, ‘I don’t know what’s going on, don’t book a flight because I may be in Charlotte tonight,’” Nogosek said.

His family couldn’t have made it on Tuesday, but his mom, dad and wife will be at SunTrust Park on Wednesday.

Rookie Stephen Nogosek talks about finding out he was called up:
— Justin Toscano (@JustinCToscano) June 19, 2019

Nogosek, 24, was 2-0 with a 0.57 ERA over 31 2/3 innings in 19 combined games between Double-A Binghamton and Triple-A Syracuse this season. That’s a large step forward because the right-handed reliever posted a 4.99 ERA over 52 1/3 frames last year.

“I think it was just a confidence issue last year,” Nogosek said. “I was scared to throw it in the zone and it led to a lot of walks. Once I got back to being confident in my ability and being confident in my pitches, that’s when everything started to roll nicely. I’m still working on getting better every day. There’s still a lot to improve on, but I think I took a huge step in the right direction.”

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Nogosek said he overcame the confidence issues by doing what he once feared. He threw his fastball in the zone. He whipped his slider in there. He tossed his changeup in, too.

He suddenly realized, he said, ‘OK, these are plus pitches.’ He added that pitchers can tell themselves it’s a great pitch all they want, but at some point they have to try it, then trust it.

“It’s all about execution and learning and developing each and every day to get better,” Nogosek said.

OK, now Callaway can send Nogosek in to pitch.

“It’s fun,” Callaway said of calling up a rookie. “I can’t wait to see him pitch.”

Stephen Gonsalves Jersey

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The Minnesota Twins lost one of their top pitching prospects on Monday as left-hander Stephen Gonsalves was claimed off of waivers from the New York Mets. The 25-year old was coming off a lost season in 2019 due to an elbow injury but the 2013 fourth-round pick also flashed some potential as he came up through the Twins system.

Gonsalves entered the Twins organization out of high school and quickly made an impression in the lower levels of their system. After putting together a pair of solid seasons in his first two years, he exploded onto the scene as a 20-year old in 2015 going 13-3 with a 2.01 ERA between Low-A Cedar Rapids and High-A Fort Myers.

That trend continued as he posted another solid season the following year going 13-5 with a 2.06 ERA between Fort Myers and Double-A Chattanooga and broke into the top prospect lists nationally ranking as high as 78th on MLB Pipeline’s top 100 prospects list prior to the 2018 season and 97th on Baseball America’s top 100 prospects list that same year.

That would lead to his major league debut for a Twins team that struggled mightily in 2018 and while he showed some decent stuff, his overall numbers were what you would expect from a rookie, going 2-2 with a 6.57 ERA in seven appearances for Minnesota.

The season could have set up an opportunity to help the Twins’ injury and performance-ravaged rotation late in the season, but after suffering a stress reaction in his forearm in mid-May, the Twins opted to shut him down.

The Mets will hope to get the most out of the 6-5 left-hander as the Twins look to overhaul their rotation. While Gonsalves likely wasn’t going to fit the bill of “impact pitching,” he could have provided depth that the Twins will have to look for somewhere else.

Chris Flexen Jersey

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The Mets called up Chris Flexen in 2017 to make a start despite him having zero starts in Triple-A and only seven starts in Double-A Binghamton.

Shockingly, he didn’t go well for the inexperienced Flexen. After his pro debut on July, 2017 (three innings, three runs), Flexen would stay with the Mets making 14 appearances and nine starts down the stretch. He posted a 7.88 ERA in 48 innings.

Flexen finally got to Triple-A to start the 2018 season. Made eight appearances for the Las Vegas 51s before the Mets called him up. He would pitch poorly in relief on 11 days rest then get sent back Triple-A to start. He would continue to bounce back-and-forth between Las Vegas and New York before finishing strong in Triple-A with a 3.24 ERA in his last four starts of the season.

The 24-year-old had offseason knee surgery and came into camp this year noticeably slimmer. He made two starts in Triple-A this year before getting a spot start for the Mets on April 20 that didn’t go well. Back down to Triple-A for two outings before returning for one appearance with the Mets.

Flexen was finally able to settle in with six straight starts for Triple-A Syracuse starting on May 11. He posted a 3.15 ERA and 40 strikeouts in that span. Pretty impressive numbers in the International League, where runs per game have jumped from 4.16 in 2018 to 5.24 this season.

Then on June 12, the Mets did something interesting, they had Flexen pitch out of the pen for Syracuse. He pitched two scoreless innings, but more importantly he saw a velo spike with his fastball up to 96 mph.

The Mets needing a reliever – decided instead of letting Flexen settling into his new role – they would call him up after only one appearance as a strict reliever. The right-hander pitched the eighth inning of a tie game against the Cardinals. His stuff looked good overall, though he was a victim of Mets killer Paul DeJong‘s solo homer.

In the outing, Flexen would strikeout out two including Jose Martinez on a 98 mph fastball. Yes, 98 miles per hour on a fastball (averaged 93 mph in 2018) from Chris Flexen. He was also throwing his slider 88-91 mph and struck out Paul Goldschmidt on a good changeup at 86.

Chris Flexen has shown increased velocity since moving to the bullpen, here he blows 98 mph by Jose Martinez.

— Michael Mayer (@mikemayerMMO) June 20, 2019

Flexen got his second chance as a full-time reliever in the big leagues on Wednesday night against the Braves. He came in with nobody out with a runner on second in the sixth inning, a runner he would end up stranding. Though his control was still not where it needs to be, he flashed better stuff yet again.

He would come back out to pitch the seventh inning and he was impressive, setting down Dansby Swanson, Freddie Freeman, and Josh Donaldson in order. He struck out Swanson swinging at a 92 mph slider and blew a 97 mph fastball by Freeman.

As I noted, control was an issue for Flexen with only 23 strikes in 40 pitches. However, his fastball in the 95-98 mph range and slider at 88-92 certainly makes him an intriguing potential bullpen asset going forward if he’s able to settle into controlling his pitches as a full-time reliever.

Edwin Diaz Jersey

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By the end of the 2018 season, Edwin Diaz had firmly established himself as one of the best closers in all of Major League Baseball.

Then just 24 years old, Diaz led the MLB in saves (57) while also boasting a 1.96 ERA and 15.2 K/9. With a dynamic fastball and a wipeout slider, Diaz seemed primed to dominate opposing hitters for years to come. At least, that is what the New York mets believed when they traded for him last winter.

Unfortunately for the Mets, Diaz took a big step back in 2019. He posted a 5.59 ERA and seven blown saves in 58 innings of work, eventually ceding the closer role to Seth Lugo.

Still, Diaz believes that he can get back to the elite level that he was at with the Seattle Mariners (via Anthony DiComo of

“Just because I’ve had one bad season, doesn’t mean I’m a bad pitcher,” Díaz said through an interpreter in late September, “especially when I’ve had three great seasons in Seattle. The fourth one went bad, but you just have to continue working so you can get back to that level.”

Diaz also asserted that his ability to reestablish the slider will be crucial to his success next year:

“For sure, the slider’s the most important pitch,” Díaz said. “My goal is to get that back to what it has been in years past. I’ve always said the fastball, anyone can hit the fastball. That’s a pitch about location. But the slider, that’s the main goal just to get that right again so I can be effective.”

Opponents hit close to .300 with a .622 slugging percentage off of Diaz’s slider last season.

It is also worth mentioning that former Mets manager Mickey Callaway was criticized for his handling of Diaz last season after using him for multiple-inning saves.

Tug McGraw Jersey

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Born Frank Edwin McGraw, August 30, 1944, in Martinez, CA; died from cancer, January 5, 2004, in Franklin, TN. Professional baseball player. The 2004 death of retired baseball player Tug McGraw from cancer at the age of 59 stunned legions of his longtime fans. McGraw was one of the sport’s most exuberant and popular figures during the 1970s and 1980s as a pitcher with the New York Mets and the Philadelphia Phillies. In 1980, he led the Phillies to their only World Series victory. McGraw’s personal life was similarly mythic: late in life, he learned he was the father of a young boy, who went on to become country-music star Tim McGraw.

Born Frank Edwin McGraw in 1944, the future Major League Baseball legend grew up in Vallejo, California, where he played ball for St. Vincent Ferrer High School. His nickname dated back to infancy and his insistent feeding habits. After a stint on the team at Vallejo Junior College, he was signed to the New York Mets in 1964 as a free agent, and played with the Mets’ farm team for a season. He emerged as a top-notch left-handed pitcher with a good fast-ball and solid curveball, but a third throw was necessary to advance him out of the minors, and so McGraw perfected the screwball pitch, which would become his trademark.

McGraw went on to help the Mets win the 1969 World Series, but it was in the build-up to the 1973 post-season that his signature phrase, “Ya gotta believe!” was coined. In August of that year, the Mets were down more than eleven games, and after a particularly bad performance, Mets chair M. Donald Grant delivered a torrid locker-room lecture to the chastened team. Coming out of the meeting, McGraw was said to have uttered the phrase, poking fun of Grant’s pep talk, but his teammates burst out laughing and they went on to a winning streak that landed them in the World Series. Though the Mets lost to Oakland in seven games, “Ya gotta believe!” became the catchphrase of the season and would remain indelibly associated with McGraw’s high-spirited personality.

McGraw amassed a solid record as a pitcher, though he admitted that the pressures of performing as a relief pitcher occasionally unnerved him. “Coming into a game, my knees always feel weak,” he admitted to New York Times columnist Dave Anderson. “I have to push off the mound harder.” Known for his spontaneous quips and graciousness to his fans, McGraw became one of the sport’s most beloved figures of the times. “He wore his sandy hair long,” noted New York Times writer Frank Litsky, “and with his little-boy face and boyish enthusiasm he was a crowd favorite. After a third out, he would run off the mound, slapping his glove against a thigh. After a close call, he would pat his heart.” Traded to Philadelphia in 1974, he went on to help the franchise take East Division titles in 1976, 1977, and 1978, and the National League pennant in 1980 and 1983. But it was Game Six of the Phillies’ World Series race in 1980 that would define McGraw’s career and make him a hero forever in his adopted home-town: in the ninth inning, with bases loaded, he struck out batter Kansas City’s Willie Wilson, and the Phillies won the World Series pennant for the first time in Major League history.

The photograph taken just after that moment showed McGraw jumping off his mound, hands high in the air, and became one of the classic images in sports history. Another timeless photo was captured just seconds later, when Phillies third-base player Mike Schmidt jumped into his arms on the mound. Schmidt later said the two had planned it on their ride to Veterans Stadium that night. “Both of us knew whoever was on or near that mound for the final out would probably be on the cover of Sports Illustrated, ” Schmidt told the same publication. “Sure enough, it worked. Tug struck out Wilson and then turned to look at me at third base. Of course I came running and jumped on him.”

The 1984 season was McGraw’s last in baseball. He retired with a 96-92 record and a 3.14 earned-run average. He became a television reporter for a Philadelphia station, wrote three children’s books, and remained a fan favorite. The father of two sons and a daughter, he belatedly discovered his fourth and oldest child after an eleven-year-old Louisiana boy came across his birth certificate. Tim Smith was an ardent baseball fan, and was stunned to find the name of one of his heroes in the space on the document that listed the father’s name. Smith, who later took his father’s name, was the product of a romance between McGraw and Betty Trimble that occurred during his minor-league career, and McGraw had never known of the boy’s existence. McGraw and his long-lost son enjoyed a close relationship, and Tim McGraw grew up to become a country-music legend and husband of Faith Hill, another Nashville star.

McGraw was diagnosed with a brain tumor in March of 2003 while working at Phillies spring-training camp in Clearwater, Florida, as a special instructor. He underwent surgery in Tampa, after which his doctors—a team of top specialists assembled and paid for by his son, Tim—believed they had eradicated it completely, but a wait-and-see policy was in place when McGraw next appeared in public again on May 29. “I’m not fearful,” McGraw told reporters in a characteristically upbeat mood, according to a Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service report by Paul Hagen. “I have confidence.” He went to work on his autobiography, which carried the not-unexpected working title, Ya Gotta Believe! .

In September of 2003, McGraw reprised his 1980 World Series moment at the closing ceremonies at Veterans’ Stadium in Philadelphia, which was slated for demolition in March of 2004. He had hoped to be there for the demolition, but on December 31, 2003, he suffered a seizure, and died six days later at a cabin in Franklin, Tennessee, near the home of his son, Tim, and family. His former Philly teammate Schmidt told Sports Illustrated that McGraw accepted his fate with the same attitude that had made him such a favorite among players and fans alike. “Publicly, he never let on that he had gotten a raw deal,” Schmidt noted. “As he always said, ‘I front-loaded my life, just like my contract.’”

Dwight Gooden Jersey

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Former Mets ace and three-time World Series champion Dwight Gooden was arrested for DWI in Newark, N.J. on Monday night. It’s Gooden’s second arrest in as many months; he was arrested for cocaine possession and driving under the influence on June 7.

According to Newark Public Safety Director Anthony F. Ambrose, Gooden was found driving in the wrong direction down a one-way street at approximately 11:10 p.m. ET on Monday night.

“It’s sad to see the continued problem of this former Mets’ star but it’s an example of the persistent scourge of drugs and alcohol in this country and the stranglehold they have on addicts, Ambrose said in a statement.

Gooden, 54, has been known to struggle with addiction since his playing days. The 1985 National League Cy Young winner entered rehab in 1987 after testing positive for cocaine during Mets training camp and was suspended the entire 1995 season after failing a drug test.

He has been arrested multiple times in relation to drug-related issues in the past. In 2006, Gooden was incarcerated for seven months after violating the terms of his probation after he arrived high on cocaine at a scheduled meeting with his probation office. In 2010, Gooden was arrested for driving under the influence while taking his son to school.

Gooden said the following to Newsday on Wednesday:

“I just like to thank everyone for their support in this horrible struggle,” Gooden wrote. “My apologies to everyone I let down or disappointed. I deserve everything that’s being written/talked about me . . .

“I have no excuse for my action so I am going away for a while to try and save my life. I really don’t know who I am right now and definitely don’t trust myself.

“This is the worst I’ve ever been through all my struggles. But I am going to keep fighting no matter how embarrassing, shameful or selfish I am feeling.”

The four-time All-Star spent most of his 16-year career as a member of the Mets (1984-1995) and the Yankees (1996-97, 2000). Along with the Yankees and Mets, Gooden played for the Cleveland Indians, Houston Astros and Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Gooden retired with a 194-112 record, and had an ERA of 3.51 and 2,293 strikeouts.

William A. Shea Jersey

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William A. Shea
Biblical Research Institute

Ron is an SDA [Seventh Day Adventist] nurse anesthetist in Nashville, TN, with a strong interest in various archaeological projects in the Middle East. Some of these projects have some validity to them and others do not necessarily have any factual basis to back them up. Thus, each one of his projects needs to be judged upon its own merits.

The one project that is most possible is the one with regard to the arkshaped formation in the Tendurek mountains of eastern Turkey. It is located at the 6300 foot level in those mountains about 20 miles away from the volcanic peak that is known as Agri Dagh, the traditional Mount Ararat. During the last four years (and for many years before that) quite a number of expeditions have gone up the mountain in search of the Ark but no one has ever brought down any convincing evidence for its existence there. Indeed it would have been a poor place for it to have been preserved because it is a volcanic peak and the volcanic eruptions and earthquakes on that mountain could well have destroyed any evidence for the ark if it landed there. Some wood has been brought down twice from that mountain, in 1955 and 1969, and that radiocarbon dates to the ninth century A.D. so there is little likelihood that it comes from the original ark.

The Bible does not say that it landed on that peak, it only says that it landed in the mountains of Ararat. That includes a much larger territory and it also includes the location across the valley where the shipshaped formation is located. It was discovered first in 1960 by aerial photography as read by some members of the Turkish military for NATO. Elder George Vandeman led a group up to see it at that time but because it did not meet their expectations of what the ark would look like at that stage they did not pursue it further. After looking at the aerial photographs of it in 1975 I wrote an article on it published in 1976 suggesting that this might be the remains or not [sic] the full intact ark. In 1977 Ron Wyatt began his explorations there and the two main contributions that he has made have been to take soil samples (which show twice as much organic carbon as the field outside the formation) and to go over it with surface instrumentation, mainly subsurface radar. This type of equipment tends to show a subsurface pattern in a crisscross direction–long lines along the length of the formation, and cross lines across them. If these lines detected beneath the surface do have something to do with the ark then they might represent the petrified timbers of the hull of the vessel. The process of petrification deposits minerals in the wood which might give these readings. That is one possibility anyway.