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Jacob Rhame Jersey

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One day in the far away year of 2050, some kid is going to look at the 2019 Mets roster and give the name Jacob Rhame no more than two seconds of undivided attention before moving on to the more flashy names that filled the pitching staff. After all, Rhame only made his way into five games this season and had a thoroughly unimpressive six innings of work to go along with it, so why would anyone care about his season next week let alone thirty years from now?

Well, for those of us lucky enough to live through the roller coaster that was the 2019 Mets, Jacob Rhame will always be remembered as the man who poked the bear known as Rhys Hoskins and started the first of many questionable rivalries between the Mets and some of the most mediocre teams that the National League had to offer.

The story of Jacob Rhame’s season can be told using only the second and third of the five games he took the field for. On April 23, the Mets held a 9-0 lead over the Phillies and Rhame was given the honor of completing the ninth inning and putting the final stamp on the Mets’ victory. The first two batters came and went without issue, but the third batter, Rhys Hoskins, is where things got interesting.

The first pitch that Hoskins saw sailed behind him and slammed into the backstop resulting in Hoskins taking a few steps towards the mound and the rest of both dugouts awkwardly shuffling their way towards the field. Fortunately, that disagreement came and went, but six pitches later, Rhame sailed another pitch up and in on the perturbed Phillie. After the game, Rhame insisted that there were no ill intentions and he was only trying his best to work inside. Considering that Rhame looks more like a guy that spends his days headhunting for the best head of lettuce in his local Whole Foods rather than trying to hurl baseballs at guy’s noggins, some may be inclined to believe his excuse. When spoken with after the game, Gabe Kapler, Rhys Hoskins, and Bryce Harper were not fooled by Rhame’s innocent appearance and denials of wrongdoing.

One day later, Rhame was called upon to pitch the ninth inning again, this time with the Mets in a 4-0 hole and Rhys Hoskins due up second in the inning. After walking Bryce Harper to lead off the inning, it was time for Hoskins to get his revenge in the only way he knows how. Of course, Hoskins lined a ball just over the wall in left field to extend the Phillies lead to six, but the real revenge came in his 34-second promenade around the bases. For context, Bartolo Colon rounded the bases almost four full seconds faster than Hoskins did.

Already thoroughly embarrassed, things only got worse for Rhame the night of April 25. Just after the conclusion of the game, it was announced that the league had suspended Rhame two games for throwing up and in twice on Hoskins. After that day, Rhame found himself in a weird sort of limbo where he needed to be on the major league roster to serve his suspension, but the team had no reason to keep him around as dead weight for the two days he would sit. As a result, he wouldn’t suit up with the big league club for almost three full months. For the rest of the season, Rhame would only pitch twice more for the Mets, once on July 19 and again on August 3 before elbow surgery ended his season a little over a week later.

With everything put together, Jacob Rhame pitched 6.1 innings for the Mets to the tune of a 4.26 ERA with nine walks and five strikeouts to his name. By all accounts, Rhame’s season is no more historic or noteworthy than Tim Stauffer’s stint with the Mets in 2015, but for those two days in April, Rhame was the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons. The curious kid in 2050 may not have a use for Rhame, but today he’s one of the dozens of little stories that makes the six month, 162 game season as entertaining as it is.

Stephen Nogosek Jersey

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ATLANTA — It’s a good thing Mets manager Mickey Callaway pitched Robert Gsellman in an eight-run game in the ninth on Tuesday instead of sending rookie Stephen Nogosek out for his debut. As it turns out, Nogosek found out about his call-up too late for his family to book flights to Atlanta.

On Tuesday, he was at the Atlanta airport because Triple-A Syracuse was coming off a series against Gwinnett and had one in Charlotte next. The organization told Nogosek to stay put because he would be on a later flight to Charlotte. He was told he would receive a call with the official word.

“That was a few hours of stress and anxiety and telling the wife, ‘I don’t know what’s going on, don’t book a flight because I may be in Charlotte tonight,’” Nogosek said.

His family couldn’t have made it on Tuesday, but his mom, dad and wife will be at SunTrust Park on Wednesday.

Rookie Stephen Nogosek talks about finding out he was called up:
— Justin Toscano (@JustinCToscano) June 19, 2019

Nogosek, 24, was 2-0 with a 0.57 ERA over 31 2/3 innings in 19 combined games between Double-A Binghamton and Triple-A Syracuse this season. That’s a large step forward because the right-handed reliever posted a 4.99 ERA over 52 1/3 frames last year.

“I think it was just a confidence issue last year,” Nogosek said. “I was scared to throw it in the zone and it led to a lot of walks. Once I got back to being confident in my ability and being confident in my pitches, that’s when everything started to roll nicely. I’m still working on getting better every day. There’s still a lot to improve on, but I think I took a huge step in the right direction.”

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Nogosek said he overcame the confidence issues by doing what he once feared. He threw his fastball in the zone. He whipped his slider in there. He tossed his changeup in, too.

He suddenly realized, he said, ‘OK, these are plus pitches.’ He added that pitchers can tell themselves it’s a great pitch all they want, but at some point they have to try it, then trust it.

“It’s all about execution and learning and developing each and every day to get better,” Nogosek said.

OK, now Callaway can send Nogosek in to pitch.

“It’s fun,” Callaway said of calling up a rookie. “I can’t wait to see him pitch.”

Robert Gsellman Jersey

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: the Mets had high hopes that Robert Gsellman would take a step forward in 2019, living up to some of the potential he flashed as a starter in 2016-2017. Unfortunately, in a refrain that is practically committed to memory by this point, Gsellman continued to struggle with consistency this season.

On an appearance by appearance basis, Gsellman would occasionally look dominant, but he was seemingly unable to get a string of quality appearances of any real length. His best stretch in 2019 was from April 30 to May 22, where he allowed no earned runs over 12 innings (in eight appearances). The next longest streak of clean innings came from July 26th to August 6, where four of his five appearances included at least one strikeout in seven and two-thirds innings.

But those are the outlier stretches of an otherwise lost season. But because of the sheer incompetence of the Mets’ bullpen overall this season, Gsellman was given plenty of chances to break out of his prolonged slump, but couldn’t really do so. His 52 appearances by August 11 was the most on the team for a relief pitcher, and even with missing the final seven weeks of the season, only came in fourth to Edwin Diaz, Jeurys Familia, and Seth Lugo in appearances.

August 11 was the last appearance by Gsellman in 2019, as he was diagnosed with a partial lat tear that required surgery and ended his season.

It would be helpful if there was some statistic that could be pointed to as the reason for Gsellman’s struggles, but it appears that this is just sort of who he is at this point in his career. His upside is such that he deserves another shot in the Mets’ bullpen, but his reality is such that he probably shouldn’t get too many high leverage chances, at least early on.

The other abiding mystery with Gsellman is why some, including teammates like Jeff McNeil, still pronounce his name “Ji-sellman” instead of “Gi-sellman,” which is clearly how all broadcasters say it and, we can presume, they asked him how he pronounces it. The mystery of his consistency may be greater, but both are intriguing in their own ways.

Stephen Gonsalves Jersey

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The Minnesota Twins lost one of their top pitching prospects on Monday as left-hander Stephen Gonsalves was claimed off of waivers from the New York Mets. The 25-year old was coming off a lost season in 2019 due to an elbow injury but the 2013 fourth-round pick also flashed some potential as he came up through the Twins system.

Gonsalves entered the Twins organization out of high school and quickly made an impression in the lower levels of their system. After putting together a pair of solid seasons in his first two years, he exploded onto the scene as a 20-year old in 2015 going 13-3 with a 2.01 ERA between Low-A Cedar Rapids and High-A Fort Myers.

That trend continued as he posted another solid season the following year going 13-5 with a 2.06 ERA between Fort Myers and Double-A Chattanooga and broke into the top prospect lists nationally ranking as high as 78th on MLB Pipeline’s top 100 prospects list prior to the 2018 season and 97th on Baseball America’s top 100 prospects list that same year.

That would lead to his major league debut for a Twins team that struggled mightily in 2018 and while he showed some decent stuff, his overall numbers were what you would expect from a rookie, going 2-2 with a 6.57 ERA in seven appearances for Minnesota.

The season could have set up an opportunity to help the Twins’ injury and performance-ravaged rotation late in the season, but after suffering a stress reaction in his forearm in mid-May, the Twins opted to shut him down.

The Mets will hope to get the most out of the 6-5 left-hander as the Twins look to overhaul their rotation. While Gonsalves likely wasn’t going to fit the bill of “impact pitching,” he could have provided depth that the Twins will have to look for somewhere else.

Tyler Bashlor Jersey

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The Mets have promoted 25-year-old RHP Tyler Bashlor from Double-A Binghamton for Monday’s game against the Pirates, with Chris Flexen being sent down.

Bashlor, or, “Bash,” as they call him, has a 2.63 ERA and 1.08 WHIP with 30 strikeouts in 24 innings across 20 outings this season. Since the Mets drafted him during the 11th round in 2013, he has a 3.29 lifetime ERA in 117 career minor-league games. He last pitched on Friday.

During this past spring training in St. Lucie, Bashlor quietly emerged as a young reliever worth keeping an eye on this summer. The kid works hard and is aggressive on the mound.

He clearly earned the attention of several veteran players and coaches when throwing live batting practice during a session in late February…

According to people that have watched him this season, while his fastball is consistently in the mid to upper 90s, he is still struggling to command his breaking ball. If this continues for him after his promotion, major-league batters will either walk or sit on his fastball, at which point he’ll be hit hard.

I can see a typical inning being shaky at first. However, if he can find his command, experts say his fastball is varied and quick enough that he can one day be a set-up guy…

In Bashlor, I simply saw a small guy with a lot of attitude, that throws loud and hard and has a pretty badass tattoo on his entire right arm. I’m no scout, and have no idea how he’ll perform on the big stage, but he certainly looks the part…

By the way, with one of the last pitches he tossed during the aforementioned spring training session, Bashlor lost the handle on a fastball and nearly hit Todd Frazier, who — without skipping a beat — slammed his bat to the ground and started marching angrily toward Bashlor and the mound…

Naturally, Frazier then dropped his bat, pointed and laughed. Bashlor, however, looked beyond nervous and struggled the rest of his session. He got through it, though.

As the session wrapped, Mickey Callaway made a point to walk out to the mound, put his arm on Bashlor’s shoulder and seemed to say something that reassured the young man.

Dwight Gooden Jersey

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Former Mets ace and three-time World Series champion Dwight Gooden was arrested for DWI in Newark, N.J. on Monday night. It’s Gooden’s second arrest in as many months; he was arrested for cocaine possession and driving under the influence on June 7.

According to Newark Public Safety Director Anthony F. Ambrose, Gooden was found driving in the wrong direction down a one-way street at approximately 11:10 p.m. ET on Monday night.

“It’s sad to see the continued problem of this former Mets’ star but it’s an example of the persistent scourge of drugs and alcohol in this country and the stranglehold they have on addicts, Ambrose said in a statement.

Gooden, 54, has been known to struggle with addiction since his playing days. The 1985 National League Cy Young winner entered rehab in 1987 after testing positive for cocaine during Mets training camp and was suspended the entire 1995 season after failing a drug test.

He has been arrested multiple times in relation to drug-related issues in the past. In 2006, Gooden was incarcerated for seven months after violating the terms of his probation after he arrived high on cocaine at a scheduled meeting with his probation office. In 2010, Gooden was arrested for driving under the influence while taking his son to school.

Gooden said the following to Newsday on Wednesday:

“I just like to thank everyone for their support in this horrible struggle,” Gooden wrote. “My apologies to everyone I let down or disappointed. I deserve everything that’s being written/talked about me . . .

“I have no excuse for my action so I am going away for a while to try and save my life. I really don’t know who I am right now and definitely don’t trust myself.

“This is the worst I’ve ever been through all my struggles. But I am going to keep fighting no matter how embarrassing, shameful or selfish I am feeling.”

The four-time All-Star spent most of his 16-year career as a member of the Mets (1984-1995) and the Yankees (1996-97, 2000). Along with the Yankees and Mets, Gooden played for the Cleveland Indians, Houston Astros and Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Gooden retired with a 194-112 record, and had an ERA of 3.51 and 2,293 strikeouts.

Gary Carter Jersey

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Gary Carter earned the nickname “The Kid” at Expos training camp in 1973 at the age of 19.

“I tried to impress everybody that spring, you know, being the first in line for sprints,” Carter said. “Running hard to first base all the time.”

A few big leaguers began calling him the kid – and the nickname as well as the style of play stuck with him throughout his 19-year career. The 11-time All-Star was an enthusiastic and resilient backstop for the Expos, Mets, Giants and Dodgers who helped his teams behind the plate and in the batter’s box.

“He’s a horse,” said Mets Manager Davey Johnson. “He’s in great shape. You try to rest him during the season, but he won’t stand for it.”

Born on April 8, 1954 in Culver City, Calif., Carter played baseball, basketball and football in high school, but rejected dozens of college scholarships to sign with the Montreal Expos. Used primarily as an outfielder during his 1975 rookie season, Carter came in second in Rookie of the Year voting before earning the full-time catching job in 1977.

“I was out of position. I was running into walls and hurting myself,” said Carter about his experience in the outfield.

A three-time Gold Glove Award winner, Carter set a record for fewest passed balls in 1978 and paced all National League catchers in total chances (1977-82), putouts (1977-80, 1982), assists (1977, 1979-80, 1982) and double plays (1978-79, 1983).

“He was a human backstop back there,” said former teammate Keith Hernandez. “Early, before his knees went bad, you couldn’t steal on him in Montreal. When he wasn’t able to throw because of his knees, that never affected his performance. He was running on and off the field after three outs. This guy played in some pain and it was hustle, hustle, hustle.”

Carter was traded to the Mets in 1984. He led his team to a World Series Championship, hitting .276 with two home runs and nine RBI in the Fall Classic. His two-out, 10th-inning single ignited a three-run rally that resulted in a Mets’ win to even the series. New York went onto win the Fall Classic in seven games.

Slowed by injuries, Carter played for the Giants and Dodgers before returning to Montreal to end his career in 1992. He had a career .262 batting average, belted 324 home runs and knocked in 1,225 runs to earn four Silver Sluggers.

“It is a grueling position (catching),” said Carter. “I can look back at it and say it’s worth it to be enshrined in Cooperstown. I don’t have any pain in my knees right now.”

Carter was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2003.

David Wright Jersey

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The New York Mets have made a reputation of making a spectacle out of organizational moves, the latest instance being their managerial search. Names like Joe Girardi, Eduardo Perez, and Carlos Beltran have emerged as finalists to replace ex-skipper Mickey Callaway. Yet the cloud looming over the baseball world and the Mets fan base is the new and mysterious “bombshell” candidate.

One of the most linked names to the mystery role is former third baseman and team captain David Wright. While he’d be a popular choice of those who take the 7 Line to Citi Field, we’re here to tell you to pump the brakes.

MLB insider Jon Heyman texted Wright about whether he’s the “bombshell” candidate, and like Alex Rodriguez, Wright replied with “hahaha,” before giving an emphatic negative.

So much for that idea.

Wright was the Mets’ face of the franchise once Mike Piazza left Flushing. Nicknamed “Captain America” for his contributions to Team USA in the World Baseball Classic, Wright was a seven-time All-Star for the Mets, where he won two Gold Gloves and two Silver Slugger awards.

After his career ended due to spinal stenosis in 2018, the team named him as a special adviser under team COO Jeff Wilpon and general manager Brodie Van Wagenen.

Despite the obvious link, New York Mets fans can officially cross David Wright off the managerial candidate list.

Mookie Wilson Jersey

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The play, now 32 years old, would link Bill Buckner and Mookie Wilson forever, though the Mets’ World Series hero doesn’t want Buckner’s lasting legacy to be defined by that one moment.

A “saddened” Wilson honored Buckner a few hours after the 69-year-old baseball icon died Monday following a battle with Lewy Body Dementia.

“We had developed a friendship that lasted well over 30 years,” Wilson said in a statement. “I felt badly for some of the things he went through. Bill was a great, great baseball player, whose legacy should not be defined by one play.”

While Buckner’s mostly remembered for the Wilson dribbler that squeaked by, allowing the Mets to climb back and eventually win the 1986 World Series over Boston, he also managed an impressive 22 seasons in the majors.

The one-time All-Star racked up 2,715 hits and 174 home runs with the Dodgers, Cubs, Red Sox, Angels and Royals from 1969-1990.

And that’s how Wilson wants Buckner to be remembered.

Noah Syndergaard Jersey

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The New York Mets are at a crossroads. On the one hand, they won 86 games in 2019 and could try to contend in 2020. On the other hand, they finished in third place in the National League East and might opt for a full-scale reload.

If they choose the latter, they should dangle right-hander Noah Syndergaard. He’s 27 years old, posted a 3.60 FIP with 9.2 strikeouts per nine innings in a career-high 197.2 frames in 2019 and is controllable through 2021.

Most importantly, he’d net a gaggle of prospects for the Mets, who have the No. 22 farm system in the game by Bleacher Report’s estimation.

With that in mind, let’s examine a half-dozen suitors who’d benefit from Syndergaard’s services and possess the requisite pieces to make a deal happen.

The Los Angeles Angels posted the worst starting pitcher ERA (5.64) in the American League. They also employed Mike Trout, the best baseball player on the planet, and finished a distant fourth in the AL West.

The Halos have worked to rebuild their once-fallow farm system, but they need to go all-in on an elite arm before Trout’s historic prime expires.

They could throw money at the problem and sign a free-agent ace such as Southern California native Gerrit Cole. Or, they could save cash and expend prospects in a high-level trade.

It could include 20-year-old outfielder Jo Adell, who posted an .834 OPS while ascending to Triple-A, as well as a high-ceiling arm such as hard-throwing 21-year-old Jose Soriano.

That would be a steep cost, but it’d be worth it to bring Thor to Anaheim.

Whether or not they come back from a 2-0 deficit to win the World Series, the Houston Astros are in a win-now window.

They could lose Cole to free agency and should brace for a decline from Justin Verlander, who’s entering his age-37 season.’s Jon Morosi reported that “some within the Astros organization are intrigued by the possibility of acquiring Syndergaard,” who is a Texas native.

In exchange, the Astros could offer 22-year-old outfielder Kyle Tucker, who is blocked on the short-term depth chart by the trio of Michael Brantley, George Springer and Josh Reddick, as well as powerful rookie Yordan Alvarez.

Toss in a projectable hurler such as 22-year-old righty Bryan Abreu, and you could have a match.

New York Yankees starting pitchers finished 15th with a 4.51 ERA in 2019. Later, the club was dumped in the ALCS.

If they’re serious about raising their 28th championship banner next season, the Yanks need to strengthen their starting corps.

Assuming the Mets are willing to deal with their in-state counterparts, the Yankees could offer 20-year-old righty Deivi Garcia and 21-year-old outfielder Estevan Florial.

It would significantly ding their farm system, but Syndergaard in pinstripes might be too enticing to resist.

The San Diego Padres finished 18th with a 4.60 ERA despite playing in a pitchers’ park. If they hope to leapfrog the San Francisco Giants, Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks and challenge the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League West, they need to up their game.

As’s Jon Morosi reported in July, San Diego “has been looking for [a] veteran starter since the offseason” and “have inquired” about Syndergaard.

Translation: There’s mutual interest.

It might mean giving up 22-year-old middle infielder Luis Urias, who is a potential second baseman of the future, plus a pitcher such as 19-year-old right-hander Luis Patino.

If so, the Friars would be surrendering a lot. But they’d be gaining as much or more in return.